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Oil Thief’s

W.L. Walker Thief’s are top of the line and trusted in the oilfield industry. Our customers like them so much that they’re all that Meyer Industries carries! We also have barrels for replacement, petcocks, gaskets, and brass nuts, among other parts to service them. We do w
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Oilfield Testing and Safety Equipment

Meyer Industries has what you need to get started hauling oil. We have hydrometers of all ranges, as well as a carrying case to keep them from damage. 100ml and 200% centrifuge viles with the metal shield to prevent breakage. We also have gauging tapes with a wiper and plumb bob as we
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API Gravity Valves

Hi everyone!  Meyer Industries is now offering more parts than ever!  The API Gravity Valves are just one of the hottest new additions to our store.   We are also constantly adding inventory to our cam lock couplings, hose fittings, and hydraulic fittings.  Lastly, we have an assortme
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Happy Friday!

Good morning everyone, I just wanted to inform you that we are an Ali Arc bumper dealer.  We can supply you with front end protection for your Semi or Pickup!  Give us a call and we will get you protected today.   On another note, its the muddy time of yea
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100 Amp Brass Clamp

This is a brass clamp rated for 100 amps that can be used as a replacement clamp for the G3050N ground reels. 
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New Product: BW 4-Gas Monitor & Stations!

Hello everyone, We have added a few new products to the store.  We are now carrying 4-gas monitors and H2S monitors.  I can also get the calibration and bunk test stations for the 4-Gas Monitors as well.  Check them out, they are in stock and ready to ship.  Please give us a call if y
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We are growing!

Hi everybody,  we are continuing to put up new products to our online store!  Please, if you have any questions, feel free to call us @ 701-225-7145.  We would be more than happy to help you.  Have a great day!
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Meyer Industries Online Store

Convenience The Meyer Industry Online Store offers a user friendly shopping experience.   Search for items by name and category.  Sort products by price or popularity.  Our product range features oil testing equipment, a variety of couplings, roper pump equipment, and more, with new p
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Meyer Industries Online

To better serve our clients, the we have launched the new Meyer Industries website.  The website offers descriptions of our many services, along with helpful Contact information.  Another features of the website is the News & Announcements page, which will keep you up to date with
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