Mas Trailer Dealer

MAS Vacuum Trailer

  • Capacity: Available from 130 BBL to 200 BBL (+/- 2%), in non-code steel or stainless steel.  Available in 2, 3, and 4 axle configurations. We can also custom build to suit your needs.
  • Estimated Base Weight: 17,500 lbs. (130BBL / 2 axle)
  • Commodity: Unspecified oilfield fluids
  • Design Pressure: 15 PSI Internal, 22 INHG External, 23 PSIG Hydrostatic test
  • Shell: 1/4″ PL x 60″ OD
  • Baffle: (2) Baffle: (2) 1/4” PL flat flanged and dished ach with interior shell reinforcement ring
  • Stiffener: 3/8″ x 2 1/2″ Rolled Rings (8) External
  • Welds: Internal and external root
  • Compartment: Single
  • Suspension: 30,000 LB Air Ride Suspension per axle. Fabricated In-House. Spring ride, liftable axles, and steerable axles also available
  • Wheels: 10 hole Steel Disc Hub Standard- Aluminum rims are optional
  • Tires: 16 Ply Cut And Chip Resistant Tires 11R24.5
  • Brakes: 16-1/2” x 7” with spring parking, auto slacks, ABS both axles
  • Upper Coupler: Bolt-on adjustable
  • Landing Legs: 2 Speed, Heavy duty, high capacity lift
  • Fenders: Full length formed hose pan (12 GA) with 1/4” formed supports
  • Outlet: Two 4′ butterfly valves at rear with a wedge sump
  • Reliefs: 1-1/2” vacuum relief, 2” pressure relief, both located at top front of barrel, 2” blow down line at rear
  • Manways: Four located on top, one on rear head, all 20” domed style with plated swing bolts and wing nuts
  • Lights: Full DOT lights, sealed lights, harness and junction box with terminal strip, two rear work lights with integral switches
  • Sight Glass: 2” sight glass fittings in front and rear head, 1-1/2” plastic sight glass tube installed in rear dead with clean out tees and 2” ball valves top and bottom
  • Coating: All surfaces white metal steel grit blast, 2.5 ml profile (SP-10), Interior Lined with chemical resistant 100% solids epoxy liner, 10-15 ml dry film thickness. Exterior coated high build epoxy primer and color coated with high solids polyurethane, 4-6 ml dry film thickness

All of our vacuum tanks are robotic welded